7 Tips from the Pros to Land a Job after Graduation

Are you gearing up to look for work now that your graduation is looming? You have to admit it’s both an exciting and scary time.

You get to go out and spread your wings, but that entails getting all your ducks in a row. And sometimes, getting your ducks even in the same pond takes a lot of effort!

Thankfully with the right strategy, it doesn’t have to be hard to find your dream career role.

Sure it’ll take some work. But, with a firm plan in place, you’ll be ready to knock the socks off companies who are hiring.

We can help you get started so that you can set yourself up for success. Below are seven tips on how to get a fantastic job after graduation.

1. Get an Internship

To get your feet wet while building on your skillset, get an internship post-college.

Internships have multiple advantages. You get to work with people in a professional environment. And, you get to experience different work cultures.

You also get to learn how it is to work in the real world. While doing that, you learn all sorts of new skills!

Work as an intern during college, and you’ll have real-world experience before applying for a job.

When you’re ready to apply for work, you’ll no doubt stand out from the other candidates. (Because you’ll have a ton of job knowledge under your belt already.)

2. Start Networking

Networking is a fantastic way to get the position of your dreams. You can meet people at school, online, or even in a club.

As you meet people throughout college, make a point to form networking relationships. That means you should build relationships that can benefit you career-wise.

As you network, remember it’s vital to help one another (it’s not just one-sided!).

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So, make a point to connect with people and ask them for advice and information about your industry.

Continue to build on these relationships. It could lead to a job opportunity down the road!

3. Work on Your Resume

Putting together your resume may seem overwhelming. But, thankfully, you don’t have to have a lot of work experience to put one together.

Emphasize your skills and achievements to help your resume stand out. Don’t forget to highlight your skills on the resume. You’ll impress potential employers with all that you’ve learned during college.

And, if you were a part of college organizations and interned with a company, that’s even better.

Do your best to put together a killer resume. Potential employers will know you’ve done all that you can to prepare yourself for the work world!

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4. Enhance Your Social Media

Today potential employers take a look at social media profiles when they’re hiring.

So, make sure your LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram profiles all look professional.

Now, it’s nice that you can have private social media sites. But, don’t forget about your profile picture and description. It’s essential to focus on having an appropriate profile image and description.

Try to include hobbies that make you look good, such as being an avid reader or Photoshop pro. It’ll help you stand out and get noticed!

If your LinkedIn is not up to date, take time to make it current. Include the skills you acquired in college, as well as any jobs or internships you did.

Making these small updates will impress potential employers. When you go the extra mile to ensure everything looks fantastic — it shows!

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5. Research Companies

After you graduate is the perfect time to research companies who are hiring. If you happen to have time before graduation, learn more about companies then as well!

Read all that you can about their work culture. It’s essential to find out now whether they have positions that align with your degree. If they currently don’t, be sure to check back at a later time. They may have a role that better aligns with your skills then.

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As you research, take a lot of notes and see if there are any skills you should brush up on between now and graduation.

Right now, you may not have every skill they need. But, there are always ways to improve yourself now and after graduating!

Make a list of companies you’d love to work for and what job openings they have. It’s a good idea to know who is hiring, what type of positions are available, and what skills to strengthen.

6. Create a Professional Website

Having a professional website serves many purposes. First off, it showcases that you know how to set up a website to display your skills. And, it shows your experience from a blog, for example.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a professional website. There are free sites you can use to set up a portfolio and highlight your skills.

If you have a blog, you can use that as your professional website. But, make sure it has compelling, up-to-date content and portrays you in a positive light.

7. Take Care of Yourself


It can get overwhelming finding a job out of college, which is why it’s vital to take care of yourself.

Set goals for yourself, but know when to take a break. That means you should take time to unwind by going on a run or chatting with a friend.

“Me time” is more than alright because it’s what will get you through each day!

When you get invited for that big interview — you’ll be ready!

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Graduating from college is a big deal, so congrats! You’ve worked hard to get a degree, and you’re no doubt anxious to show off your skills.

Keep all these pro tips in mind as you begin to apply for work. Be proactive before and after graduation. If you do this, you’ll have a better chance of scoring your dream job!

And, if things don’t happen right away — that’s okay. You know you have a lot to offer, so stay confident.

In time, you’ll find a job you’re good at and an employer who thinks you’re fantastic!

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