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6 Studio Organization Tactics for a Cleaner Year

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Studio apartments are the perfect way to live independently on a budget. They’re also the go-to for busy people with a hectic lifestyle.

What they aren’t, though, is easy to keep clean if they’re not organized.

You might think that with such a limited amount of space, it would be simple to keep up with a studio. But that same small area means everything overlaps each other.

Without a system for cleaning and organizing your home, the clutter and debris will eventually overtake your life.

In tinier spaces like studios, clutter is waiting for an open invitation to thrive and spread. And once given that opening — it’s not an easy task to get rid of it.

If you’re treading the precipice between “lived-in” and “messy,” it’s time to take control of your studio. These six tactics will get you organized and living a cleaner, healthier lifestyle fast!

1. Start at the Very Beginning: The Doorway

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Your apartment doesn’t have the typical break between the door and your personal space. This transition area in a home serves as a stopgap between the outside world and the inside domain.

But since you don’t have one, you have to create one.

This artificial foyer serves as a stopping point where you let go of your outer garments and shoes. The mud and dirt stop there.

If you want to keep your apartment clean, you need to set your doorway up to collect all the debris before it makes it into your house.

To do this, start by setting a small table or storage bench next to the doorway. This is a little convenience that gives you a place to set down your things, sit, and remove your shoes. The storage bench can also hold your shoes.

Some people prefer a small doormat in their entryway, but if you have the layout, a stylish carpet runner adds the perception of added space. Near the rug of your choice, keep a hook or a coat rack nearby to hang your jacket, purse, and umbrella.

Other items to consider are hanging racks for your keys and sorting bins for mail, depending on the room available.

2. Upgrade Your Closet

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If you have a closet at all in your studio, it’s probably small. You may find yourself shoving your clothing and accessories wherever they fit instead.

By upgrading your closet to go beyond that small storage room, you’ll enjoy better organization, and your clothes will stay cleaner.

No, we’re not talking about major renovations here. A few simple storage additions are all you need to get your closet organized and your clothes less wrinkled, such as:


With these handy dandy storage tools and a few baskets, your closet’s overhaul will give you more room than you thought possible!

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3. Make Your Own Rooms

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Having visitors in a studio apartment can be awkward if all your personal items are on display. But just because there are no extra walls doesn’t mean you can’t split your home into separate rooms.

The basic layout of a studio invites your guests to intrude into your private life. By adding layers to your home, you’re showing visitors where the hands-off area is.

You can do this by adding long curtains and drapes that hang via shower rods across the space you want to enclose. Room dividers also give you privacy, and you can easily take them down when you don’t need them.

4. Make Furniture Double as Storage

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Your furniture, particularly your bed, will be the items that take up most of your space. Aside from buying small, you can make the most of what you have by getting dual-purpose furnishings.

Today’s furniture manufacturers offer such high-quality options. You can have both style and functionality in one piece.

The most typical furnishings in any home are the bed, couch, and kitchen table. All these now come in smart, multipurpose options, like:

  • Ottoman beds, similar to the once-popular Murphy bed that folds into the wall and currently trending
  • A daybed can double as a couch and a guest bed
  • Foldable kitchen tables can tuck away when not in use

Whichever furniture you choose, be sure that it can serve a second or third purpose.

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5. Use Your Wallsinterior design 1139785 203x300

Making use of vertical space in your studio is necessary. You’ve got limited width, and it’s going to get overcrowded if you don’t move on to height.

Tall furniture brings order to clutter. You can use ladder shelves, simple bookshelves with drawers, and standalone shelving to store your knickknacks.

Decorative baskets and bins hold your miscellaneous items without the mess of a “junk drawer.”

Focus on going vertical with your decor and storage.

The horizontal will happen naturally; using up the higher wall space has to be purposeful.

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6. Create a Cleaning Checklistperson holding blue ballpoint pen writing in notebook 210661 300x200

When little tasks slide in a large house, they are easy to ignore. But those same tasks in a studio apartment quickly become evident.

It’s best to do daily chores when every little crumb is visible. Take a few minutes to devise a cleaning checklist where you list out daily, weekly, and monthly tasks.

Jobs to do daily include straightening up and wiping off surfaces.

Anything that makes a visible mess — such as dishes — qualifies as a daily job.

Weekly chores keep the germs at bay. These tasks would consist of deeper cleaning. Scrubbing the toilet, dusting, and disinfecting would be in this category.

Monthly and spring cleaning focuses on organization. Think tidying up your closets and straightening your drawers. It would also include cleaning fans and windows and changing air filters as needed.

Once your checklist is complete, hang it somewhere easily seen or add the chores into your phone’s calendar to remind you to do them.

Need help with cleaning on a regular basis? See how Handy can help you to get your home in order.


Studio apartments are trendy and hip. Especially for those who are looking to gain independence without paying a fortune to have it.

With a bit of foresight and a little strategy, your studio apartment can get organized, helping you keep a clean home without a lot of effort.

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