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Beginner’s Guide to the Different Types of Apartment Gardens

There’s nothing quite like waking up and enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning sun. When you’re living in a major city, this might sound more like a dream than a reality. Yet, many apartment complexes are making it easier than ever to have green spaces that elevate their buildings. Even if you don’t…

How to Choose Your Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

You have your vision and can’t wait to transform your dark, dated kitchen into a bright, clean, sun-splashed space. You’ve passed through kitchen showrooms at least a half dozen times, testing cabinetry doors. You’ve handled all sorts of countertop samples, comparing them to backsplash tile, paint swatches, and laminate flooring … There’s only one hurdle…

How to Plan an Apartment Garden

You’ve seen images of lush apartment gardens covered with floor-to-ceiling plants. Now, you’re itching to nurture a few houseplants of your own. Or maybe you just want to save money by growing your own vegetables. Whatever the reason, it sure would be great to have a home garden! But you live in an apartment. How…

11 Stunning Kitchen Renovation Ideas to Inspire You

Looking for some inspiration for your upcoming kitchen renovations? Check out these 11 great ideas!

DIY Guide to Adjusting Your Garage Door Opener to Maintain it Over Time

Having a garage door opener makes it simple to get in and out of your house without digging around to find your keys. But how do you make sure your garage door opener always works? You can make small adjustments to ensure the longevity and performance of your garage door opener. Here is our DIY…

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