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How to Plan an Apartment Garden

You’ve seen images of lush apartment gardens covered with floor-to-ceiling plants. Now, you’re itching to nurture a few houseplants of your own. Or maybe you just want to save money by growing your own vegetables. Whatever the reason, it sure would be great to have a home garden! But you live in an apartment. How…

11 Stunning Kitchen Renovation Ideas to Inspire You

Looking for some inspiration for your upcoming kitchen renovations? Check out these 11 great ideas!

DIY Guide to Adjusting Your Garage Door Opener to Maintain it Over Time

Having a garage door opener makes it simple to get in and out of your house without digging around to find your keys. But how do you make sure your garage door opener always works? You can make small adjustments to ensure the longevity and performance of your garage door opener. Here is our DIY…

How to Build Your Own Gnat Trap

We’ve all had the occasional gnat in our homes. But if you don’t take care of them instantly, or you don’t see them right away, you begin to notice something strange happening. You kill one gnat, and two or three others show up in its place, right? Soon, what began as a harmless one or…

How to Get Your Sprinklers Winter-Ready

When winter is around the corner, we homeowners start our checklist for cold-weather planning. Bring out the heavy coats and thermal long johns, check the furnace or HVAC unit to make sure it’s working, and … get our sprinklers winter-ready? Yes, sprinkler winterization is an important part of preparing for the ground to freeze. Forgetting…

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